1st 4 week recap

Today marks the start week 5

Before that week 4 recap.

which did not go well

Only woke up at 5 once

Total workout time 1 hour.

So for the month by week

week 1= 5 am 5x Time= 56 min

week 2= 5 am 3x Time= 54 min

week 3= 5 am 2x Time= 1 hour

week 4= 5 am 1x Time= 1 hour

So as for waking up early 5 am 11 times.

Out of 20 working days that’s 55%

Thats not acceptable

I obviously want 100% compliance.

Now half way through my 8 week goal

I wonder what will I consider a win.

Im already one day down for both.

But if I am serious.

I can nail it 90% of the time

That would mean between now and then,

The end of the month I can only miss one more day

Of waking up at 5 am

How many do I think I will miss

The truth is I dont know.

But why not go for the flush.

Go big or don’t bother.

As for working out.

I am enjoying it.

I believe that if I wake up early and go to the gym

I will make the most of it.

Out of the what 6 days a week I want to workout

If I just do 30 min a day that a 300% increase.

I can do that.

I am a morning workout person.




Week 3 Wrap up

This week I have done more on the workout front

Then I have the past 2 weeks

The downside is that my waking up early has suffered

One is not directly related to another.

In total I have worked out about 135 min

With 75 of that coming from Sunday alone

But I only managed to wake up in the 5 o’clock range, twice

I will just chalk that up to work and not being able to sleep.

See this past week was out month end at the job

It get busier and more hectic around that time

Which lead to some later nights than anticipated

As well as some restless nights.

All in all though, I tried to keep a positive attitude

When I slept in I would go for a run at lunch

Which felt really good I must admit

Though it is not a habit I want to continue

As my time is limited, only 15 min

And I don’t really get to have a true lunch

So all in all I still felt like I made progress

On my two-part goal.

This upcoming week should prove to be my best one yet

It will also mark week 4 which means

I will have been at this for a month now.

Go Chris Go

Week 2 Becoming morning workout person

The second week has been much better than last

There is still room for significant improvement

Biggest win was the 24 min I ran on Thursday

Biggest loss was the Weds morning.

So what helped me run was distraction

I got to the gym and turned on Netflix.

I am currently watching House of Cards.

Before I knew it I almost ran for 30 min.

Not only that but all workouts have come

As soon as I woke up.

Where as the first week.

It tool 3 hours before I even stepped outside

Now the loss.

Weds morning I slept in until 8:30

That’s a 3 and 1/2 hour swing the other way.

Why? Well the night before I had a couple of beers.

I went to bed by 10

Got the worst sleep.

8 hours felt like 4 hours

It made me look at my wind down routine really closely

7 pm-10 pm is what I have

Really less than that as I like to have lights out by 9 pm

So 2 hours.

Since then I have made sure to only focus on 1-2 things max

To do once I get home.

It kills me having to stop

But I find that my bio clock is starting to get use to it

So the internal protest is starting to wind

Still difficult, especially since when I wake up

I don’t have anything left in me after working out

So needless to say its a good thing I have decided

Not to put too much on my plate

For now…………..

So overall the breakthroughs I got is

1) Make sure you night-time routine is helpful for the bedtime

If you drink get it out-of-the-way early otherwise it will interfere with you


2) While on treadmill, watching TV helps pass time

I know if I read those tips I would think much of them

But having lived them, I will live by them.

So long as I want to keep waking up early.















Wrapping up the week (227)

Day 5,6, & 7.

Drinking lot more.

Which is something that I did not consider

When becoming a morning person.

So when it comes to the weekends

I let it fly.

Sat I woke up at 8 am.

After going to sleep at 4 am.

I ran for 20 min in the early evening.

Time wise that’s the longest

The pace was slow

Sunday I naturally woke up “4:30″ am

After falling asleep at 12ish

I went back to sleep though

Only to wake up at 11:15 am

Oversleeping is just as bad as undersleeping

That is the old pattern.

The new pattern is naturally waking early

On the weekend no matter what time I go to sleep

The max must still remain a healthy 7-8 Hours

Due to the late rise.

I opted to not drink caffeine

That is a big deal for me.

I love coffee.

I knew that I couldn’t wake up late  today

Drinking coffee and wouldn’t give me a chance

Of going to sleep on time

Some times you must sacrifice for success

No coffee means I don’t get something I enjoy

I also didn’t have the energy that I needed

To do all that I intended.

So I settled for laundry.

Made it in bed by 8:00 pm

I had to fight to stay asleep til 5.

So now that waking is coming along

Its time to push for better workouts.







Morning workout person day 3&4 (272 words)

Yesterday was another test

While I did everything according to plan

Turned off the T.V and tech at 830 pm

In bed by 9 pm and reading

Yet after lights out at 9:30 pm

I was still awake by 11:30

Leaving only 5 hours of sleep

Still went to the gym though.

Ran 1/2 mile

Had alot of coffee

Still had to fight sleep at work

When I got home I was useless

Yet it was worth it

Simply to remain on schedule

Sacrifices are needed

In order to achieve our goals

Reminds me of something Tony Robbins once taught

“Sometime you break the rules and win”

Sometimes you follow the rules and lose

That is why we must be clear on what we want

And how we are going to get it

Now on to Day 4 (Today)

So after an exhausting day.

I was in bed even earlier

By 8 pm I was in bed

Again though, I found it hard to go to sleep

When I (or any of us) push our bodies to their limit

Then we switch it on survival mode

So when we decide to finally turn it off

The body does not immediately know the difference

So it took some time but I fell asleep around 10 pm

Giving me much-needed 7 hours of sleep

Now today is my “off day”

Seeing how I have kept it light.

I am going to focus on push up throughout the day.

On a final note

My first book ” the running revolution” came in

It looks to be more of a text-book than a reading one

When I am done with it I will post up my review







Morning workout person Day 2 (232)

Today I nailed it.

5 o’clock on the dot

Got to the gym by 5:45

Ran a mile in a 16 min (That part I didn’t nail)

Got home and had recovery and stretching down.

By the time I got out of the shower it was 7:15

Still almost two hours before I have to be at work

So what was the difference today?

Well the night before I laid out all my workout clothes

In the morning I didn’t need to think about what to wear

What also helped was turning out the two big T’s at 8pm

Technology and T.V.

I simply read till 9 then lights out.

It was difficult.

I’m a big fan of both of the T’s

Finally I have made it a point to post in my 5am workout group

Knowing that I am posting to what other people will see

That is helpful accountability for now

Until I get a trainer

So what am I going to work on moving forward?

Increasing my distance and improving my time

Staying awake.

While I woke up on time and was at the gym early

I feel asleep after getting out of the shower.

Which is okay for now

But one of the motivating factors for waking early

Is being productive and getting “A” activity done early.

I’m going to blog each day the first week.

Then I will just go to weekly.






First day as a morning workout person (232 words)

So this morning my start time was 5:30 am

I did wake at 5 am.

Then I regrettably laid my head back down

What felt like 2 min was 30.

I hopped in the shower and didn’t hop on the road till 8 am


That’s okay though.

I know from attempting this goal before

That it takes some time.

Also I actually got and moved which is leaps and bounds

Beyond anything I have done in the past 2 years.

So I will take that as progress.

I have also created a Facebook group to help with the accountability.

I have made it private but if you are reading this and are not a member.

Feel free to let me know and I will invite you.

I also registered for a 5k in April that I was talking about last post

Feel free to join as well


You will have to copy and paste the link

Now speaking of the 5 k.

I ran for maybe 10 min this morning.

Partly due to my waiting to cool down after a hot shower

Also due to my back hurting 10 min in.

So I have ordered the Running revolution.

Like I said in my past post

Action is most important

While I didn’t wake at 5 on the dot

I only ran for a fraction of what I was expecting

I started.

Just like this blog.

Motion = Emotion

This feels great.







Some history of the future (365 words)

This post was written prior to yesterdays post!

#Laterpost 02/01/2015

I wait till Feb. to set goals because I believe that the holiday are a sucker punch.

I have been setting goals for some years now.

Achieving them is another thing.

I will say that while the number of goals I have yet to achieve,

Is large in number.

The number of goals and ideas I have manifested due to planning,

Is far greater than if I would have left it all in my mind.

Because I am not my mind.

None of us are.

It’s important to write them down.

One way or the other.

So each year I have done something different.

Programs from Jim Rohn to Tony Robbins.

Some years I would just keep it simple,

Paper pen.

Write what I want and keep it moving.

That’s what we did last year.

I say we because Conda and I have been doing them together for a while.

So in 2014 my list of accomplished goals include;

Fun & unforgettable wedding with our closet friends and family

Relaxing Honeymoon in beautiful Jamaica

I got a new higher paying job.

I bought Topanga the Tacoma.

I hoarded more gold than I have in a long time.

All in all a great year.

My short list for 2015 is:

Become a morning workout person

Develop a will to work hard effortlessly

Have a balanced and healthy diet

Hoard more gold

Self publish my first book

Now in the spirit of doing new things each year

I wanted to blog my goals and goal progress.

I figure that I can get in more depth in the written form by blogging

It will help keep me accountable for what I want to achieve.

Plus I will get to share what I learn along the way with you the reader

and FINALLY get some use out of this blog that I have been sitting on for years.

While blogging may not be in my top 5

I do intend to as the year goes on improve this site

and add to the community as a whole.

The next post will be about my first goal

and how I intend to crush it.












I am now a morning workout person. (610 words) (unedited)

I am now a morning workout person

I have woke up at 5 am 4 days to train for my first 5k in years which I finished in less that 33 min.

As a little reward I have taken a road trip to palm beach to see the sun rise and sun set

I have also bought myself a pair of air jordan’s.



So my very first goal is Becoming a morning workout person.

what counts as waking up early?

Five am

How am i going to keep track(measure)?

Well Ill keep a spread sheet in excel

How many days a week?

6 days a week.

When do I want to hit it by?

Feb 2016.

How am I going to get there?

30-60-90 days “runs”

First 60 days

4 days a week


So the date: will be April 3 for the 60 day since I am starting tomorrow. 

So the reward for hitting the goal will be

seeing the sunrise and sunset in the same day.

Meaning ROAD TRIP to east coast.

The following Monday morning

I will likely sleep in and skip working out to take my wife to breakfast

Go into work later.

Now the punishment

If I dont go 60 days with waking up and working out

Then I will donate $100 to the Republican party

(there rich they don’t need the money)

and I will pull a double on Monday Morning,


So now the fitness part.

In 60 days I can train for a 5k.

I’m choosing that because it is the most specific goal I can create

I loved to run and the last time I was active

I was training for a marathon.

So 5k/ 3 miles at let say 11 min a mile

Gives me a goal of 33 min for 5 k.

looking on active.com it there is a 5k that following weekend in Tampa


Now comes the how will I do it.

At this point I am just going to start.

When I get into the research part I will organize it more

based on learned knowledge

But sometimes you just have to get out there and move

So now the reward for hitting that goal will be new pair of shoes.

The punishment if I don’t make that goals will be

$100 donated to republican party

Now accountability: I believe that I am going to start a facebook group

the 5 am workout club

group for 5-10 of my closest people for now

60 day goal.

so thats 8 weeks 8 books

4 on fitness

the running revlolution by Nicholas Romanov

running with the mind of meditiation by Sakyong Mipham

Running with the Kenyans: Discovering the Secrets of the Fastest People on Earth by Adharanand Finn

Thrive fitness by Brendan Brazier (re-read)

4 on sleep

sleep smarter by Shawn Stevenson

what most successful people do before breakfast by laura vanderkam

say good night to insommnia by gregg d jacons

Dreaming: An introduction to the science of sleep by j. allan hobson

now workout partner is my life partner My Wife Conda Nunez

So now I just need to re-enforce it by writing my 60 day goal as

and “affirmation” if you will

I am now a morning workout person

I have woke up at 5 am 4 days to train for my first 5k in years which I finished in less that 33 min.

As a little reward I have taken a road trip to palm beach to see the sun rise and sun set

I have also bought myself a pair of air jordan’s.


Full disclosure:

Since I am a procrastinator at times, this post is being posted live with errors

For the sake of accountability and the fact that I want to start tomorrow

and I only got 4 hours of sleep last night.