Human Race

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Last night we stayed home and made it a Netflix night.

Due to the limited options of new movies.

We ended up with a Jenifer Aniston & Jason Bateman film called “The Switch”.

 Overall a movie good movie ( for a romance comedy) 

One piece of dialog in there that did hit home.  

” Look at us, running around. Always rushed, always late. 

Guess that’s why they call us the Human Race

but sometimes its slows down enough to where all the pieces fall into place

fate works its magic and you’re connected. Every once in a while

amid all the randomness something unexpected happens

and pushes us all forward. So what I am starting to think

what I am starting to feel is that maybe the Human Race

isn’t a race at all.”

Great quote. How many days, hours, minutes has it been?

Since you last felt that moment of clarity, connection and peace.

For me before that quote it was probably on my vacation.

When I took a few minutes to soak up the beauty that was our cruise.

Before I got down on one knee and asked the love of my life to marry me.

That’s was over a month ago. Way too long to go.

What will it take for the world to move toward a common consciousness?

How did we get this far where our lives are consumed by work and responsibilities?

That is one of my fears as age starts to creep up on me.

That I will have lived a long life.

Just to turn around just to realize that life was living me.

So if we are as a species racing. What are we racing toward?

What constitutes a win?

Is it the money that comes in the bank after working those OT hours?

Is it bar hooping and house parties that help to alleviate those hours worked?

Or is it deeper?

Is it the” I love you” that comes from your husband and/or wife?

Is it your kids hugs in the middle of the night after a nightmare?

Whatever it is. I wrote this to remind myself, as well as anyone else that needs it,

that we don’t have to wait for fate. We can slow it down ourselves, should we choose.

We don’t have to do less. We don’t have give up our hours

(though in some of our cases it would be smart) or give up a passion.

We just need to slow down and smell the roses.

Its been about 3 years since I learned how to be present.

Admittedly I have not been consistent.

Just like working out or any other habits/disciplines it takes time.

Just like those other habit it pays off because in the end whats a win worth,

if we can’t remember any of the special moments that brought us there?

So here is to you and whatever you do to slow it down.

May the moments of your life lead to an everlasting epic WIN! 


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